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This is a gateway page for the (Highly Unofficial) Orson Scott Card Fans' WebRing.   We are hoping to link pages of people all over the world who avidly read and enjoy the works of Orson Scott Card.  Your web site doesn't need to be specifically about Orson Scott Card, science fiction, or even books, even.  We're interested in knowing all of the people that Card joins together with his writings, so the more of "you" that's on your site, the better.  Know another Orson Scott Card fan with a website?  Tell them about this ring!

This WebRing is sponsored by the Highly Unofficial Orson Scott Card Mailing List, Quicksilver Websites, LC, and WebRing.  Visit us at the Rogue's Gallery when you have a chance, and if you're up for lots of e-mail on good, deep discussions about Orson Scott Card and the issues he writes about, plus a lot of fun and non-OSC related stuff, join us on the mailing list.

How to join the webring:

  1. Click here to go to the Webring submission form. Follow the instructions to join the ring.

  2. When you have filled out the submission form, you will receive an e-mail message with HTML code in it.  You will need to insert this code directly into the HTML source of the page you will be using for the Web Ring.  The correct lines of code will be e-mailed to you immediately after you send in the form below.  More info.

  3. (Optional) When you insert the WebRing code into your page, it will bring up a set of linked images.  Although there is nothing wrong with keeping the code in your page the way it is, it's always a good idea to save remote images in your local web directory so that they will function in case of a server outage on our end.  If you're up to doing that, here's how.


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