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NL Thompson:  Portrait of a Chartreuse Assassin Beetle With Orange Bat Wings

    N.L. Photo credit:  Scott Round, aka Leuk Also seen disguised as: (Click on photo to see quote.)  

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  • Name: N. L. Thompson
  • DOB: 3/18/69
  •  ICQ #:5414771
  • Favorite Pastime:  Checking the social scene at local coffee houses . . .



. . . where N.L. has an inexplicable fetish for the outside floodlights.  N.L. can be found most often buzzing around the coffee house after dark.  Occasionally, and out of pity, the manager will let N.L. indoors, where N.L. can be found doing the backstroke in a leftover frozen cappuccino.  N.L. then returns to its lair under the leaf of a plant in the financial aid office.  N.L. can be found during the daytime's perched on top of an office chair in the same room while holding a phone with its forelegs and typing at its computer with its middle appendages.

During N.L.'s lunch hours, N. L.'s favorite hangout is a potted plant outside the student center, where a different fraternity adopts N.L. as their personal mascot every year.  N.L. has been nominated "Most Popular Carnivorous Staff Member" for four years running, and is rumored to be the first PostBachalaurate student with an exoskeleton to be slated for this year's homecoming parade.  [How N.L. will get into an evening gown or tux is anyone's guess . . . .]

Although N.L.'s frequent posting to the list has earned questioning glances from N.L.'s employers, N. L.'s job security is said to be in good health.  "Oh, we wouldn't think of getting rid of N.L.!" N. L.'s supervisor told OSC list member reporters in a recent interview, "N.L. is a beneficial insect!"

(This Bio was written by Aaron Plikt
The Chartreuse Assassin Beetle Union takes no responsibilty for any
rambling, nonsensical, and/or hopelessly lunatic content therein.)

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