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Aaron Plikt:  Lilacsus Cyclopsus Emeritus (Rex)

Aaron Plikt

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  • DOB:  Somewhere between the last aired episode of the original "Star Trek" and before the recording of "American Pie" ... the Beetles had already ... Woodstock was just a distant ... Oh, nevermind.  5/2/71.
  • DESCRIPTION:  Floating head (a la the OSC book, Wyrms.)  Hair: Green and orange.  Eye [singular]:  Yellow. Skin:  A most pleasing color of lilac.  Height:  11 inches.  I can be best recognized by the cheery little red and yellow beanie with a propellor that I constantly wear, and you'll likely find me most days with a pinwheel in my mouth.  (Other than that, I blend right in.)  It has been put to me before that typing must be a real problem in light of who and what I am. All I have to say to that is ... is ... [!!!] ... Yes.  Yes it is.  


(Or, if you've read this far, you must be terrifically bored, so this is where it gets silly.  Fair warning to those w/sense of humor cramps.)

Aaron Plikt is a good lesson to pregnant women about what can happen when one is frightened by a rabid duck-billed platypus during the early stages of pregnancy.  Born to a woman who was fond of reading children to sleep with Vogon Poetry, Aaron's first sentence was reportedly, "Oh, freddled gruntbuggly, thy micturations are to me, as plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee."*  It was decided then and there that Aaron would grow into a promising career in public relations. 

However, Aaron Plikt (a.k.a. AP) has led a troubled existence ever since.  Soon after joining the Orson Scott Card Mailing List at Wood.net, AP was subjected to a harrowing run-in with an anteater in red boxer shorts.  (The anteater in red boxer shorts bore an amazing resemblance to a rabid duck-billed platypus disguised as an anteater in red boxer shorts, but AP chose to dismiss this at the time.)  Only after narrowly avoiding dismemberment (!!), AP barely escaped the first known occurrence of Internet Rage.  In this incident, the usually calm and collected Scott Tarbet went berserk and threatened that if AP didn't agree immediately with everything he said, he'd break into AP's system and turn the hard drive to mush.

Well, as AP and Scott began a heated discussion of some key and major ideological differences (he uses Internet Explorer, and AP is devoted to Netscape), AP's machine began to shudder and melt.  In the process, the roughly spherical chicken that AP was keeping in a virtual coop on the machine's desktop escaped, and is now running amok.   To add insult to injury, Scott (also pictured here) took the chicken bowling, or rather went bowling using the chicken, and then turned it loose on a stretch of highway which ran up the side of one mountain in the high Uinta's and down the next.  Last seen in Uinta's, the chicken was rolling up and down a river valley trying to build up enough of an escape velocity to go elsewhere.

AP now spends its time as a spokesthing for an Endangered Ideas group based in Waco, Texas.  (It's said that as soon as anyone comes up with an idea, AP will be out of this job.)  The rest of the time, AP does E-Commerce consulting and graphics design, posts to the OSC list, and works on a sworn lifelong endeavor not to grow a stick up the ... attitude.

The fact that these words were uttered very soon after AP was (accidentally??) dropped on its head into a diaper changing basket is usually left out of this account.

  • EDUCATION:  Bachelor's in Psychology, minor in Music [concentration on flute and composition], would love to do grad. school in either.  Studied as an undergrad. at Lamar Unversity in Beaumont, TX and at Baylor University in Waco, TX
    • E-Commerce consultant for IBM in Austin, TX.  I'm on the Deployment Team for PartnerCommerce/Servers.  My department & project is a cog in IBM's e-business wheel -- you know, those commercials you see on TV with the big "e" on the logo.  Yeah, well, the big red "e" is on the front of every presentation I EVER deliver.....
    • Flutist/piccolo player in local symphony
  • OTHER GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT: Siamese Productions, Ltd., my commercial design business (established 1997), offers to its clients:
    • Engraving services (score and part transcription)
    • Song lyrics
    • Setting already existing poems or song lyrics to music
    • Web design/graphics/e-commerce in partnership with Quicksilver Websites.
  • HOBBIES:  OSC books [among other myriad sci-fi novels], creative writing [essay, poetry, short stories], wood flutes [and other folk instruments], flute performance, music composition, photography, webmastering, graphics design
  • Myers-Briggs PROFILE: Mild-mannered INTJ at my day job, raucous, explosive, mind-bending INTP at night ... and when I  retire, I wanna be an ENFP!!

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